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Pine Johnson leading Poco Bueno

Connie began working for E. Paul Waggoner's 3-D Stock Farm in Arlington, TX as a youth in the early 1950s. He worked under the tutelage of Pine Johnson. Connie always spoke fondly of Pine, and thought of him as a father figure. 

Poco Buena Get of Sire

Poco Lena w/James Boucher; Poco Tivio w/Billy Bush, Poco Champ w/Connie Wills, E. Paul Waggoner accepting Get of Sire trophy from RB Shields at the Ft. Worth Fat Stock Show. 

                Photo credit: JAMES CATHEY, Ft. Worth, TX

Poco Bueno Get of Sire, Connie Wills

E. Paul Waggoner accepting Get of Sire trophy from Ft. Worth Fat Stock Show official;  Glen Turpin w/Poco Rita, Banjo Johnson w/Poco Lena and Connie Wills w/Poco Champ.  

January 1952 photo credit: Skeet Richardson Photos, Ft. Worth, TX

(L-R) Connie Wills, Joe Swaim, Pine Johnson

Connie Wills with Poco Champ

                  Photo credit: JAMES CATHEY, Ft. Worth, TX

Connie Wills 2nd from left modeling for Levis Jeans

Bill Wills and Connie Wills

Connie's father Doyle Wills trained

running horses.

Granddaughters, Madison & Camden

Having a fun day at the

Fussell Ranch in Waxahachie

Crissy Wills


Grand Champion Halter Mare "Ky Straw"

Otis was not just another "pretty face"

Betty Wills rode Otis Polite to earn the title of 

1985 NCHA NonPro National Champion

Connie Wills pictured at top; Charlie Polite below 

Modeling in McLellands Catalogue for

"Charlie Polite Show Halters"


Connie was 24 years old when he went to work for Rex Cauble at his ranch in Nineveh, TX which was located 13 mi. northeast of Centerville, TX.  Connie was one of the trainers of the famous cutting horse stallion, Cutter Bill.  

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